Mar 13, 2009

Lectora Score to LMS Basics

I have completed developing my first course in Lectora and it is ready to run inside the LMS. The LMS I am using is Saba. This is important to note because each LMS handles SCORM content slightly differently and some SCORM related settings must be adjusted appropriately. For this course, I am not requiring a passing score for an assessment. Instead, I am requiring the learner to have simply completed a series of simulations and a non-binding assessment at the end. So once all sections of the lesson are complete, the user will receive a score of 100% and a status of complete. To set the score and status in the LMS the following variables need to be modified:
  • AICC_Score = 100
  • AICC_Lesson_Status = completed
The AICC_Score variable is a percentage between 0-100. If I had a Lectora test or assessment in this course, then the variable would be set automatically. I do not, so I am setting it manually.
The screen shot below shows the AICC_Lesson_Status variable being updated in Lectora. Notice that this variable is set to "completed" and not "complete", "passed", "finished", or some other value. This variable must be set to "completed" for Saba to correctly interpret the course status.


Anonymous said...

The web has surprisingly little information with regard to the different values available for AICC_Lesson_Status, and which LMS' acknowledge these strings.

I use SumTotal, but this post is applicable to many LMS' when publishing from Lectora.


Greg Gardner said...

Have you had any difficulty with Saba with the size of the window Saba opens the content in? I have a client who gave me specs for height and width of content and then neglected to tell me that 200px of that would be taken up with the TOC frame in the Saba Player Template. Any ideas on if I can "force" a window resize in Saba?

Jonathan Shoaf said...

GITGARD: The Saba player templates can be edited to remove the TOC and set them at any size you want. Ask the client if he would be willing to create a custom template for your projects.

Unknown said...

GITGARD, if custom template is not a possibility for your client...there is another way around it. Create a resize_window.html file that contains a function to load content in a separate browser window. you control the size that the separate window is set based on the size that you need. The downside is that you will have multiple browser windows opened. We added text to the resize_window.html file to inform the user not to close the resize window html file because it is needed for tracking purposes. this has worked for us.

邵麗儀 said...

I want make a percent lesson status.
If viewed 12/24 page LMS will show:
status: incomplete
percent: 50%